Thanks so much for the shout, Daniel!

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Thanks for engaging with my piece on 'Babylon,' Daniel! I appreciate the signal boost. When you say you suspect I might have done some cherry-picking to prove my point, are you referring to my selection of secular reviews or Christian reviews?

Also, for clarification, when I write about the pornification of mainstream entertainment, I typically focus on sexualized nudity and that which is euphemistically called "simulated sex." Broadly speaking, nudity in art is not *necessarily* immoral, although nudity in modern-day film tends to be sexualized in some form or fashion. All that to say, my problem in hearing about 'Oppenheimer' wasn't just that there might be nudity (in a generic sense), but hypersexualized nudity (which, as it turns out, actually was the case).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my "Christopher Nolan in Three Acts" piece when you get the time! (A cup of tea to accompany the read sounds like a good idea.)

Thanks again!

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